Looking for a career,

not just a job?

Looking for a career,

not just a job?

Work with us!

See us in action!

Your Benefits at DAPrDAN


Excellent Benefits

$21 - $27 hourly + Commissions

Of course, this depends on how motivated you are to learn and follow our proven methods of success. Even our newest team members have an opportunity to earn top dollar if they have a great attitude, are eager to learn, and contribute a fantastic work ethic. You decide how well you get paid!


Growth Opportunities

You will be trained in safety and customer service. Our training programs will get you up to speed quickly. It’s up to you how fast you advance in our company.


Great Company Culture

We are an equal opportunity company. It’s all about attitude and hustle at DAPrDAN. If you are the right person it will not be because of your age, race, or gender. Now get serious about the next chapter of your life and call us!

About Us

IMPORTANT: To find out how to be in this small group of finalists, READ THIS ENTIRE PAGE...

Wouldn't it be amazing to work with a team that appreciates you? How awesome would it be to work alongside a team made up exclusively of top performers? What if you worked with a company that actually listened to you? What if your boss showed you respect and appreciation every day? And what if that job gave you the freedom and opportunity to reach out for your personal dreams too?

DAPrDAN is a unique company. We have a mission to provide all of the above to every single person who joins our team. Our company culture is built on WOW-ing our customers, improving every day, and treating each other like family. If you are a top performer who's been overlooked, disrespected, or taken advantage of by another employer, DAPrDAN might just be the fit you've been looking for.

DAPrDAN is a regional market leader in the residential home maintenance industry. We've accomplished this primarily by caring for our amazing customers AND our exceptional employees. Learn more about us at https://daprdan.com.

If the above position sounds like a good fit for you (if we’re speaking your language) then please listen very carefully… DO NOT APPLY to this ad yet. Instead, call (888) 7-GET-JOB / (888) 743-8562, listen to the message, and follow the instructions.

FAQs of DAPrDAN and the Assistant Field Technician Role

What is the company culture like at DAPrDAN?

Let's get very real for a moment... If you believe that customer service across the United States has fallen into a pit, and that bothers you, then you may be a good candidate for DAPrDAN. We are on a mission to help rescue millions of homeowners from negligent contractors and bad customer service. With this mission driving us forward, we bring our best performance every day and encourage one another to do the same. There are no excuses allowed for slack performance at DAPrDAN, however we jump at the opportunity to support each other when needed. We're a hard-charging team that takes great pride in the company of heroes we call DAPrDAN.

What is the company's approach to employee development?

Simply by joining the team at DAPrDAN you will be challenged to learn new processes and adapt to our no-excuses way of serving our customers. You will learn how to spot new and impactful ways to serve the customer and deliver exceptional customer service. Once you have mastered the basics you will have the option to move into a leadership role, which includes increased compensation and additional benefits. If you are both disciplined and driven to succeed at DAPrDAN, we will build a path to success step-by-step in front of you to where you want to go. With scheduled benchmark reviews and a creative support staff at your side, our only question is, "Where do you want to take this?"